My large solid wooden salad bowls are custom made from one piece of Ontario hardwood. They make wonderful gifts that will be treasured for years to come. These hand turned custom wood bowls can be used every day for salads or as serving dishes. They make perfect wedding gifts and presents or fifth 5th wedding anniversary wood gifts or presents.

My handcrafted wooden salad bowls are made to be used every day for many generations and become a family heirloom. I make custom large black walnut salad bowls, large custom black cherry salad bowls, large custom maple salad bowls and large custom ambrosia maple salad bowls. They are great to use as a salad bowl or fruit bowl.

Each of my bowls is is individually handmade. Sizes of my wooden bowls vary from 10 to 24 inches in diameter and up to 12 inches deep. Geoff Kelk's one of a kind handmade, large wooden salad bowls are made in Ontario Canada. My artistic wooden bowls make a perfect gift idea. I make large custom black walnut wooden salad bowls, one of a kind  custom black cherry wooden salad bowls and large custom ambrosia maple wooden salad bowls.

Each of my bowls begin as a rough block of green wood  cut from a locally harvested log. On the lathe, it is turned into a thick, roughly formed bowl or bowl blank, which is slowly dried for six months. It is then re-turned on the lathe and its final shape is revealed.

. Woodturning Ontario Canada or woodturner Ontario Canada. After the bowl is completed, I rub food grade walnut oil into the wood until it is saturated. A light coat of beeswax is applied allowing the bowl to be maintenance free until put into service. My large bowls can be hand-washed with soap and  warm water. Once in a while before putting it away, take a paper towel and rub in your favourite salad oil. A large wood salad bowl Canada. Woodlot Harvest bowls are made in such a way that allows the oils from the salads to penetrate the wood, thus preserving the wood. Geoff Kelk Jeff Kelk is a woodturner in Ontario whose studio is an hour north-west of Toronto near Shelburne, Orangeville, Alliston and Barrie Ontario, Canada in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, often called the Hills of Headwaters or The Hills of Mulmur.

I make one piece solid wood bowls referred to as a butter bowl, caesar bowl, dough bowl or dairy bowl. These unique bowls make special wedding presents that will be remembered forever. A handcrafted wooden salad bowl Ontario Canada made from sustainably harvested hardwood trees cut from woodlots in Southern Ontario. I participate in Art on the Rocks in Cognashene on Georgian Bay and the Arty Party at Osler Bluff Ski Club in Collingwood and  I use a Oneway lathe made in Canada. Large wooden salad bowls Toronto Ontario Canada are available. I finish my eco friendly bowls are finished with food grade walnut oil finish and beeswax finish. This unique gift will last a lifetime...... My two stage system makes sure the wood is seasoned and so is stress free. It is best to visit my studio, but you can online order online.  Free shipping to Canada. Payments can be made with Visa  MasterCard or PayPal. These special gifts are appreciated and remembered forever and will become an integral part of family meals and special occasions for years to come!

A wooden gift that makes a special and perfect wedding gift made by Geoff Kelk at  and  I sell large custom solid wooden salad bowls in Toronto Ontario Canada.  A hand made solid wood bowl made in Ontario Canada. My one of a kind large solid wooden bowls are available online.  

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A large ambrosia maple bowl... just completed

My bowls are often given as treasured gifts...

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