The Perfect Bowl

for the

Caesar Salad Connoisseur

My bowls are made in such a way to allow the oils from the salads to penetrate the wood, thus preserving and ‘seasoning’ the bowl.

Each bowl begins as a rough block of solid Southern Ontario wood.  It is turned and carefully dried for a year to stabilize the wood. It is then turned for a second time on the lathe and its final shape is revealed.

After the bowl is completed, I apply food grade walnut oil onto the wood ... and then apply a light coat of beeswax.

These bowls can be hand-washed. The only maintenance is once in a while rubbing a little bit of a favourite salad oil (olive, canola etc.) onto the bowl before putting it away.

My bowls are made to be used every day for many generations and turn into a family heirloom.  Over many years of service, one of my bowls will take on a beautiful, rich patina… achieved only by the passage of time.